Q- Do you do the eye tests?

A- We fit and supply the glasses, but you will need to provide your own prescription. We recomend an eye test once every two years unless otherwise instructed by your optometrist. 

Q- Will my optometrist give me my prescription?

A- Yes, it's yours. If you paid for your eye test or used your medicare card, that prescription legally belongs to you. You will have no problem sourcing your prescription when requested from your optometrist.

Q- Will my private health insurance cover my prescription safety glasses?

A- Yes they possibly will but we don't recommend it for many reasons. Private health insurance is exactly that....private. So therefore, if you require prescription safety glasses that are mandatory PPE at work, your employer is obliged to cover the cost under the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1984 (WA). Your employer may subsidise the cost of your glasses leaving you with some out of pocket expenses and we recommend claiming the balance in your annual tax return as it is a work tool/requirement.

Q- What if my employer instructs me to use my private health insurance?

A- Unless your employer is paying for your health insurance, then they should not be asking you to use your private health insurance for a work related expense. Your private health insurance rebate should be used for the prescription glasses you use at home. 

Q- Do you have a provider number for my health insurer?

A- We choose not to have provider numbers for health insurers because, as well as selling to the public, we also sell business to business and it is easier to conduct business without dealing with a third party. This also avoids potential double dipping issues where the individual is reimbursed by the employer and can then also potentially claim from their health fund. We can put item numbers on the receipt and you are free to lodge your own claim but we are unable to guarantee that your provider will honour the application. 

Q- Can I replace the lenses or frame in my safety glasses if they are damaged?

A- Short answer: No. The Australian Standard (AS/NZs 1337.6) dictates that prescription safety glasses must be supplied as a complete product because the glasses are batch tested and tracked. As an example of this, if you scratch your lenses then unfortunately, the entire pair of glasses needs to be replaced. If we did replace the lens, it would no longer be considered a safety product and certainly not certified. Does this suck? absolutely, but they are the rules that we have to comply with. There may be certain instances where we can conduct minor frame repairs such as replacing nose pads and screws. If your not sure, please call us to find out. 

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